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Trixon OC192/STM64 XFP series products is XFP form factor

pluggable transceiver for duplex optical data communications.

It’s comply with XFP multi-source agreement (MSA: SFF-8077i),

also be comply with SONET OC192 / SDH STM64, 10-Gigabit

Ethernet IEEE802.3ae and 10G Fiber Channel. The Digital

diagnostics functions and standard transceiver serial ID information

are available via a 2-wire serial interface according to XFP MSA,

the transceiver is RoHS compliant and lead-free per Directive

2002/95/EC and 2005/747/EC.

More Details

    Product Features

    1443082414114077.png Operating data rate up to 9.95Gbps 

    1443082414114077.png Distance up to 10km~80km 

    1443082414114077.png Single 3.3V Power supply

    1443082414114077.png Duplex LC Connector Interface 

    1443082414114077.png Hot Pluggable

    1443082414114077.png XFI loopback supporte

    Compliant Standard 

    1443082414114077.png Compliant with MSA XFP Specification

    1443082414114077.png Compliant with SONET OC192/SDH STM64

    1443082414114077.png Compliant with Telcordia GR-253-CORE and IEEE802.3ae

    1443082414114077.png Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface Compatible with SFF-8077i

    1443082414114077.png Operating Case Temperature

            Standard: -5℃ ~+70℃

    Product Safety and Quality 

    1443082414114077.png FCC TUV UL and Eye safety certification 

    1443082414114077.png ISO9001:2000 

    1443082414114077.png ISO14001:2004 


    1443082414114077.png   SDH/SONET OC192 / SDH STM64

    1443082414114077.png   10GBASE-SR/SW/LR/LW/ER/EW/ZR/ZW

    1443082414114077.png   10G Fiber Channel 

    1443082414114077.png   Other Optical Link

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